Find the path to a long, vital, harmonious life

– with true joy in yourself and with the joy of giving more than you receive.

Everything goes through the path of consciously controlled, emotional reactions, – through consciously chosen peaceful, happy thoughts, – through the choice of healthy, green, varied diet – through regular strength training and through will-driven regular training in meditative practice.

The path will cleanse your mind, elevate your emotional reactions, cleanse your body and strengthen your nervous system. You will experience a higher, more genuine and better version of yourself, a higher consciousness. The path will bring you into contact with Your Higher Self. Anette Røpke will be your guide into a universe that will be able to change your life.

More about Anette Røpke

How can I help you?

Whatever kind of challenge you have in life, I can help you! Its actually wonderful, and it’s a fact! It happens every day for people inspired by their Higher Self, to be inspired by my Higher Self. It’s a very easy and beautiful process. 

You have probably tried very hard to have a more balanced life

But over and over again, you have most likely observed that you fall back into your old emotional, mental and health patterns.

It is possible to raise one’s awareness and vitality, and change various governing patterns. The secret is to understand the natural pattern of your brainwave activity during a day, and use it to change all your emotional, mental and physical pain. Learn more in this introductory video.

The world through my window

In my blog, all topics are colored … literally …. by my heightened senses and disciplined awareness ability. It can be about everything from the deeper cause and greater, circular coherence that is in your life right now, called cyclical consciousness, to how to achieve the right awareness in everyday life, to the optimal plan of vitality for a longer and more peaceful life.

Welcome to the ESP blog.

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Survival of the fittest is only a transition from the reflexive to the instinctive to the intelligent to the intuitive way of being, the true being. Survival of the most conscious.

- Anette Røpke