My background is biology as well as zoology and animal behavior, evolutionary biology and ethology. I have conducted extensive studies in greater understanding of the ethical approaches to animal welfare.
Welcome to my universe

For more than 20 years, I’ve collaborated with researchers worldwide to become wiser about the well-being of animals. My professional expertise in animal behavior and animal welfare is now one of the best in Europe. This background has taken me far and wide as a lecturer, towards leading politicians and other organizations.

The fact is, that we don’t inherit our planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren.
Ancient native saying

My interest in human behavior and the states of consciousness that help control our lives was piqued by this quote. Through extensive studies and teaching, and by my own experiences with the 5 states of consciousness, I have taught about these topics for a number of years.

Experience / Curriculum Vitae

  • Anette Røpke is known throughout Denmark and much of Europe for her education programs on how to communicate with animals.
  • Her campaigns on behalf of animal rights and planetary welfare have helped to raise awareness and change unjust laws in Denmark and the European Union.
  • She has consulted with environmental foundations and large companies such as Novo Nordic, and one of the owners of LEGO, to support programs benefiting Nature and Animals.
  • Anette’s forthcoming book is Nature Talks: Awaken Your Intuitive Skills for Animal and Plant Communication, A Guide to Quantum Telepathy, BioPhoton Electromagnetic Fields and Emissions, Based on Science and Intuition.
  • Her websites are: anetteroepke.com, inipi.academy, and, Naturetalks.Earth

Hi, I’m
Anette Røpke

Welcome to my universe.
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You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

- Buddha

Survival of the fittest is only a transition from the reflexive to the instinctive to the intelligent to the intuitive way of being, the true being. Survival of the most conscious.

- Anette Røpke