Highly Empathic/Compassionate leadership and communication

For individuals and companies. The course is aimed at both individuals and companies who have a deeper intention to communicate and treat their relationships based on better empathic communication and with higher ethical standards.
Highly Empathic/Compassionate Leadership and Communication

Students are led into a marvelous universe with natural dynamics in communities and social groups through natural highly empathic/passionate leadership. What, for example, is a true Alpha leader in an evolutionary perspective, where the survival of a species depends on a highly intelligent Alpha leader or Alpha leader pair? Most family and business leaders are not true Alpha leaders, but more Beta leaders.

A true Alpha leader knows himself, his abilities and potentials, and is in touch with his wills: the good will and the strong will. He has integrated his Higher Self into a higher state of consciousness.
Anette Røpke

Be empathetic towards yourself and you will automatically and naturally be empathetic towards your fellow human beings and fellow creatures.

3 degrees of empathy

There are 3 degrees of empathy in the human consciousness, and they depend on what brain wave pattern you are in.

The 3 degrees of brain waves, Alpha, Theta and Gamma, are activated by breathing, emotional reactions, thinking and empathetic actions.

A good, skilled leader is well-balanced, knows himself and has developed a high level of empathy; he thus has an overview and holistic insight into the group / groups that he is integrated into. A good and harmless human being has developed a high state of consciousness and thus empathy.

The course reviews the fastest way to develop empathy and Highly Empathic/Compassionate Leadership.

The 5 Meditative Stages of human consciousness are taught.
Without Practice in the meditative stages, it is not possible to achieve the higher stages of empathy, which I call stage 2 and 3.

Topics covered in the course

  1. The Doctrine of Empathy and the 3 Stages of Empathy.
  2. The doctrine of the human brain waves and the stages of consciousness and emotions they activate.
  3. The Doctrine of the Natural Dynamics of Evolution in Communities and Social Groups.
  4. Dynamic Natural Leadership.
  5. Natural Highly Empathic/Compassionate Alpha Leader, the true leader!
  6. The Doctrine of the Natural Whole Integration of Evolution into Flocks and Groups.
  7. The Doctrine of Step-by-Step Positive Reinforcement (Shaping) of Behavior in Relationships.
  8. The art of prevention instead of healing! The art of averting conflicts.
  9. The art of becoming and being successful based on empathetic being and actions!
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