Fully integrated ESP mentor

The purpose of the training is to be able to ESP advise and help individuals, couples, families and businesses in all types of life situations!
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This is a one-year, basic training course in activating and disciplining ESP
(extra sensory perception). You learn to activate and to know the difference between higher clairvoyance and mental intuitive telepathy.

Through this course, you as a human being, through your higher consciousness and presence, are able to activate and deactivate your personal sensitive senses, also the ones you want to shut off!!
Anette Røpke

You will be able to use your own unique potential better in relation to everyone else, and thus develop your empathy strongly, as you will be able to understand both on a rational and mental level. Through Your Higher Self, you will be able to develop your personality, so that your daily life becomes easier, brighter, more vitalized, in that you will experience the wholeness and the connections in everything you encounter, sense and understand.

The bonus is that your health will get stronger and you will open up for your life to be filled with more love. You will transform your soul and your personality and it will attract true love relationships.

Just wait and see. “Love your neighbor as yourself”.