Intuitive Gamma Healing Technique

The education is aimed at both experienced and beginners in the art of healing. This 1-year education is divided into equal parts scientific knowledge and intellectual insight.
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Equal parts of physiological and biological understanding, experience and evidence will be taught, as well as subtle biological and rational reflection and intuitive cognition. Both are important for you to develop the etheric sensation in your hands and your etheric vision via ESP (extra sensory perception).

This is developed through initiation, activation and discipline, as well as concentrated and by continuous training practice of specific breathing techniques. By activating the Alpha Brain waves in particular, you will achieve being able to consciously activate the Theta Brain waves.

When people experience Theta brain waves and spontaneous intuition, and with often repeated practice, a state of continuous intuition, they are able to heal and change diseases on both physical, emotional, mental levels.

With focus in reverse order then, it is the mental state that governs the emotional and physical planes. This is what you as a conscious healer must get to know intuitively!

Understanding the difference between the planes and “going in” in the right places from the start is important. In other words, you work on cause-harmonizing and not symptom-adjusting. It makes a world of difference, and imbalances and diseases then have a harder time taking physical shape again.

The bonus of education is that your health will become stronger and you will open up for your life to be filled with more love. You will transform your soul and your personality and it will attract true love relationships.

Just wait and see. “Love your neighbor as yourself”.