Everything looks different and is sensed differently when you as a human being only navigate via the five physical senses and rational intelligences and lower emotions and feelings but instead see and senses via a higher sensing, esp, where reality emerges more clearly, where the overall picture becomes visible and empathy and intuition governs the processing of the thousands of impressions we are constantly bombarded with.

Suddenly, larger contexts can be clearly discovered, understood, and even recognized. Suddenly, reality appears in several dimensions and the real causes emerge. You’ll experience fewer repetitions and fewer trials and errors. It saves a lot of time and energy as everything becomes so much easier and simpler.

The future can almost be calculated. Precognition occurs due to the 9-11 dimensional processing of impressions in the brain and gives a kind of space-time abstract ability. It’s almost as if the brain, the mind and the soul together can bend time, as the planets orbit in the solar system.

Here in the blog, all topics are colored by … literally …. my higher sense and disciplined awareness ability. It can be about everything from the deeper cause and greater circular coherence that is in your life right now, called cyclical consciousness, to how to achieve the right awareness in everyday life, to the optimal plan of vitality for a longer and more peaceful life.

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