This type of counceling and courses based on high intuitive awareness is for leaders and companies.that want to take managers and the employees on a journey into the higher human consciousness.
Short introduction

We strive to activate a conscious holistic view, to strengthen the individual’s potentials as well as strengthen one’s highly empathic/compassionate leadership, and communication.

By consciously activating empathy, intelligence, intuition, creativity, as well as holistic understanding and integration, it will be possible to achieve stronger personalities for the benefit of both employees and managers, and ultimately the company’s culture and success.

The present is now! The future of leading sustainable companies is Empathetic Leadership but especially also Intuitive Leadership, the development of intuition and empathy are inseparable and run parallel, both internally and externally.

Outer, intuitive, empathetic leadership is a result and a projection of the inner, so everyone must start with himself or herself, to get to know themselves before they can lead others with a sense of the Whole and of the well-being of everyone involved. And that must be in the very long run!!. This simply requires a choice and there is a conscious choice to turn attention inward and learn to master the breath.

It is through the control of the breath that the right brain waves, primarily the low Alpha, high Theta and later Gamma, are activated. The brain waves activate a higher consciousness in the long run, which by humble and purposeful repetition activates intuitive consciousness. There are several stages of intuitive consciousness, just as there are several stages of empathy. Intuition and empathy are intertwined.

A true Alpha Leader has high empathy and thus a high intuitive awareness.
Most leaders are not able to activate the right brain waves and thus not the right empathetic Holistic integrated leadership. It can all be learned in a short time, regardless of personality, history and leadership situation.

Everything can be learned in relation to activating the right brain waves with the aim of becoming a good, stable and credible leader. Give it time. Get the right tools. Be of good and strong will. Have patience and confidence. Then the goal of successful leadership with a sense of the well-being for all involved will be achieved, as well as the goal that the company achieves true sustainability unconditionally, as well as giving back more than it took!

Successful leaders and companies of the future –
You will find the answers and tools here.

It is vital that when we educating our children’s brains that we do not neglect to educate their hearts.
Dalai Lama

Meditative modes

In all courses there will be an introduction to the 5 meditative modes, which are extremely effective in discussions as well as in developing and presenting ideas.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

- Buddha

Survival of the fittest is only a transition from the reflexive to the instinctive to the intelligent to the intuitive way of being, the true being. Survival of the most conscious.

- Anette Røpke