Highly Empathic/Compassionate Leadership and Communication

The course is aimed at both individuals and companies who have a deeper and genuine intention to communicate and treat their relationships both privately and work-related based on genuine highly empathic/passionate communication and with a high ethical standard within togetherness and cooperation.
Empathic Leadership and Communication

The participants are led into the marvelous and amazing universe of natural dynamics in communities and social groups, and natural empathetic leadership. What, for example, is a true Alpha Leader from the evolutionary perspective, where species survival depends on a highly survival-intelligent Alpha Leader or an Alpha Leader couple?

Most family and business Leaders are not true Alpha Leaders, but more Beta Leaders. A true Alpha Leader knows himself, his abilities and potentials, is in contact with his own great will: the good and the strong will!! He has integrated himself into a higher state of consciousness, the higher Self / Your Unique Self and thus, also, knows its limits.

Be empathetic with yourself and you will automatically and quite naturally be empathetic towards your fellow human beings and fellow creatures.
Anette Røpke

But when are you genuinely empathetic towards yourself and others? How do you activate your empathy?
There are 3 degrees of empathy in the human consciousness.
The 3 degrees depend on which brain waves you are in.
And the 3 degrees of brain waves, called Alpha, Theta and Gamma, are activated based on breathing, emotional reactions, thinking and empathetic actions!!

A good and skilled leader is in balance with himself, knows himself and has developed high empathy and therefore, has overview and holistic insight into the group / groups that he is integrated into.
A good and harmless human being has developed a high consciousness and thus empathy.
True empathy automatically activates a greater holistic understanding in regard to relationships and thus a finer, more fair and ethically correct reaction to others.
The fastest way to develop empathy and highly empathic/compassionate leadership & communication is reviewed, as well as The 5 Meditative Stages in human consciousness are enlightened and trained.

Without practice in these meditative stages, it is not possible to achieve the higher stages of Empathy, stages 2 and 3.

Overview of topics covered in the course:

  1. The Doctrine of Empathy and the 3 Stages of Empathy.
  2. The doctrine of human brain waves and the stages of consciousness and emotions they activate.
  3. The Doctrine of the Natural Dynamics of Evolution in Communities and Complex Social Groups.
  4. Dynamic Natural Leadership.
  5. Natural Empathetic Alpha Leader, the true leader!
  6. The doctrine of the Natural Holistic Integration of Evolution in Flocks and Groups. From this arose communication with the aim of achieving harmony in the whole group.
  7. The doctrine of Step-by-Step Positive Reinforcement (Shaping) of behavior in relationships and with colleagues / employees.
  8. The art of prevention instead of healing! The art of averting conflicts and taking them in stride!
  9. The art of becoming successful based on empathetic being and actions!

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  • ESP advice to Novo Nordic ethical advisers.
  • ESP advice in connection with increased living standards in the experimental animals at Novo Nordic and Lundbeck and Odense University Center, as well as Dutch experimental centers.
  • ESP consulting of diverse larger and smaller jewelry companies.
    Permanently associated with ESP advice for 9 years in relation to Klelund Plantage to Sofie Kirk Kristiansen, Klelund, Klelund’s wild and domesticated livestock and personal ESP advisor for SSK.
  • ESP advice at Knuthenlund (organic farm) given to Susanne Hovmand, especially with a focus on well-being in animal husbandry and biodiversity. Additionally, personal ESP advisor for SH.
  • ESP advice at Oregaard farm for Stig Bentzon in connection with the well-being of animal husbandry and conservation of the genes of old types of Danish farm animals worthy of conservation.
    Additionally, personal ESP advisor for SB.
  • ESP advising insurance companies, various funds and various associations.
  • ESP advice to major film companies at home and abroad, e.g. in connection with the recordings of Lord of the Rings I.
  • ESP advice to film directors, film actors and other film staff, among others, in connection with The Celebration, Zentropa.
  • ESP advising former and current media people.
  • ESP advising former politicians sitting in various EU governments.
  • ESP consulting on a project led by NASA.
  • ESP consulting in the construction of hotels and other buildings with environmental well-being as the primary objective.
  • ESP advice in connection with various projects to enrich nature, as well as rewilding.
  • ESP consulting in connection with TV concepts and film scripts.
  • ESP advice to countless private psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists treating both children and adults. Trauma, OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anxiety, phobias and psychoses etc.
  • ESP advice to staff groups in psychiatry.
  • ESP advice to different types of coaches. Among other things, NLP, regression, business leaders, Sofie Manning and others.

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