ESP consulting for companies

20 years of experience in using enabled and integrated higher intuitive business consulting.
Short introduction

Intuitive supervision can include everything from advising managers, staff groups to helping to make crucial and important choices of new initiatives, acquisitions, goals / objectives, new strategies, new concepts, layoffs, changes in board positions and selection of stocks/ opt-out, etc.

Precognition – also called premonition – is one of my inate ESP abilities. Many larger companies have for years tapped into this ability to, for example, choose equity investments and acquisitions of companies. In addition, precognition is also used to acquire land for investment in green energy. In addition, my precognition is also used by companies and individuals for the construction of biodiversity areas.

”Strong Will creates the goal, direction and manifestation. Good Will creates the right timing and the meeting points on the road towards the goal. Highly conscious empathy creates the highest possible rate of success and well-being for all parties involved. Give more than you took, give back to nature more than you borrowed! This is the future of highly empathetic, ethical goals for companies…and they will succeed in ways they can`t imagine.”
Anette Røpke


Intuitive advice to:

  • The Danish Navy and the Navy’s Greenlandic dog patrol, the Sirius Patrol, for 7 years.
  • Novo Nordic Bioethical Advisors for a number of years.
  • Increased well-being and living conditions in laboratory animals at Novo Nordic, Lundbeck, Odense University Hospital, and Dutch Animal Research Centers for a number of years.
  • Permanently affiliated for 9 years with Sofie Kirk Kristiansen (LEGO heir) both personally and professionally, as well as in relation to Klelund Deerpark and Klelund Plantation, Klelund’s wild and domesticated animal husbandry, as well as bio- and species diversity on Klelund Plantation.
  • Knuthenlund organic farm/ Susanne Hovmand, especially with a focus on well-being in animal husbandry and biodiversity. Personal intuitive advisor for Susanne Hovmand.
  • Oregaard farm/ Stig Bentzon in connection with the well-being of animal husbandry and the preservation of the genes of the old Danish agricultural animals. Personal advisor for Stig Bentzon.
  • Various insurance companies, foundations and associations.
  • A number of major film companies at home and abroad, including in connection with the recordings for Lord of the Rings I, as well as A Fairy Tail.
  • A number of film directors and actors and film staff, including The Celebration, Zentropa.
  • A number of former and incumbent, responsible media people.
  • A number of past and present politicians at home and abroad, as well as in the European Parliament.
  • A major project led by NASA.
  • During the construction of hotels and other buildings with optimal sustainability as a goal.
  • A project in connection with diverse enrichment of nature’s bio- and species diversity, as well as rewilding.
  • Advice on TV concepts and film scripts.
  • Counseling for countless privately practicing psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists in connection with child and adult therapy, e.g. in relation to OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, PSTD, etc.
  • Intuitive counselor for staff groups in psychiatry.
  • Intuitive advisor for different types of coaches i.a. NLP, regression, business leaders, Sofia Manning, Mindfullness and others.
  • Intuitive advisor for international actors.
  • Intuitive advisor for biologists and zoologists in relation to the Subtle Biological Evolution (own concept and doctrine) and Organic Electromagnetic Fields (own concept and doctrine).

Guide Prices

1 hourDKK 3,300
2 hoursDKK 5,500
3 hoursDKK 8,800
4 hoursDKK 9,900
A whole day (8 hours)DKK 22,000
Evening lecture (2 hours)DKK 9,000

The amounts are ex VAT

Your Higher Self, consulting for companies

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