Meditative practice for companies

Anette has 20 years of experience in using activated and integrated high ESP (extra sensory perception) in relation to consulting large and small companies.
Short introduction

ESP supervision can include everything from advice in the harmonization of staff groups to crucial and important choices of new goals / objectives, new strategies, new concepts, dismissals, changes in board positions and share options / opt-outs, etc.

We use only a small part of our conscious resources!

This lecture series, incl. meditations, is about how we consciously activate the 5 different meditative states, of which meditation is step 2.

By conscious and will-controlled activation of the various alpha-theta brain wave states, we can influence and activate e.g. empathy, joy, intuition, spontaneity, increase holistic understanding and learn to control our emotional reactions.

The degree of our physical, emotional, mental health and vitality depends on our level of empathy, just as our intuition depends on our level of empathy. Through individual tools and actions, we can activate and strengthen empathy and thus increase our overall joy, energy level and avoid illness.

Each lecture evening will deal with one step within the 5 meditative states, which are: Concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration.

Strong Will creates the goal and direction. Good Will creates the right timing, healing and meeting points on the road towards the goal.
Anette Røpke

In all tailor-made seminars, the following five exercises are included in the five meditative stages.

In addition to them, you can choose special topics such as the understanding of empathy and inspiration (ideas).

  1. Concentration
    Deals with the first level of the meditation process, namely our ability to focus attention and to rule out disturbances.
  2. Meditation
    Deals with the preparation for changing our state of consciousness.
  3. Contemplation
    Deals with the stage where the meditator releases the awareness of self and conquers greater empathetic insight.
  4. Illumination
    Deals with the switch to the higher states of consciousness.
  5. Inspiration
    It deals with the higher self, higher states of consciousness, the wise men of the East, brain research and neuroscience within the field.

On all evenings there will be activation and strengthening of that step and the evening will end with a meditation. Although one step leads to the next, each evening can also be taken individually.


  • Advice in legislation at EU level of keeping, stimulating, socializing and shaping experimental animals for higher well-being. Advisor for, among others, Novo Nordic Bioethics manager and chief veterinarians in Animal Protection.
  • Advising Dan Jørgensen on the legislation prohibiting Animal Sex, 2014/2015.
  • Advisor for Christian Poll in relation to captive birds of prey, owls and mink, 2018 and 2019
  • Advising leaders re: Mindfulness 2017-2020.
  • ESP advising of Novo Nordic ethical advisers.
  • ESP advising in connection with increased living standards in the experimental animals at Novo Nordic, Lundbeck and Odense University Center, as well as Dutch experimental centers.
  • ESP consulting of diverse larger and smaller jewelry companies.
  • Permanently associated with ESP advising for 9 years in relation to Klelund Plantation/ Sofie Kirk Kristiansen, Klelund Deerpark, Klelund’s wild and domesticated livestock and personal ESP advisor for SSK.
  • ESP advisor to Knuthenlund organic farm/ Susanne Hovmand, especially with a focus on well-being in animal husbandry and biodiversity. Personal ESP advisor for SH.
  • ESP advisor at Oregaard farm/ Stig Bentzon in connection with the well-being of animal husbandry and conservation of the genes of the old Danish farm animals worthy of conservation- Personal ESP advisor for SB.
  • ESP advising insurance companies, various funds and various associations.
  • ESP advisor to major film companies at home and abroad, e.g. in connection with the recordings of Lord of the Rings I.
  • ESP advises film directors, film actors and other film staff, among others, in connection with The Celebration, Zentropa.
  • ESP advising former and current media people.
  • ESP advising former politicians sitting in various EU governments.
  • ESP consulting on a project led by NASA.
  • ESP consulting in the construction of hotels and other buildings with environmental well-being as the primary objective.
  • ESP advice in connection with various projects promoting the enrichment of nature, as well as rewilding.
  • ESP consulting in connection with TV concepts and film scripts.
  • ESP advice to countless private psychiatrists and psychologists and psychotherapists regarding children and adults. Trauma, OCD, ADHD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anxiety, phobias and psychoses, etc.
  • ESP advisor to staff groups in psychiatry.
  • ESP advisor to different types of coaches. Among other things. NLP, regression, business leaders, Sofie Manning and others.