I offer a variety of specific advice that all offers a journey into the human consciousness. By activating a conscious holistic view, it can strengthen the individual's potentials as well as strengthen highly empathic/compassionate abilities.
About my counseling

By conscious, will-controlled activation of your intelligence, intuition, creativity, your spontaneous, continuous joy as well as holistic understanding and integration, you will be able to achieve a stronger personality, bringing joy to yourself, to couples and to families. Even to companies!

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

There is always a solution

There is a solution to all problems, and they get even more easy to change if you see them as challenges and obstacles. Especially if you actually see them as they really are! 

Maybe they are not exactly as you think they are! Because thinking and thoughts can only give you a part of the full, integrated picture! Symptoms are on the level of thinking…instinctive as reflexive….also as different intelligent thinking… 

Reasons and true causes are on the level of being in between … thoughts and thinking…on the level of intuition…. And wouldn’t it just be nice to see and sense the whole integrated picture as soon as possible! 

Wouldn’t it be great to understand and also to intuitively sense why you have the same mental, emotional and physical patterns with and towards certain kinds of people, situations and surroundings? And wouldn’t it be so nice to get rid of lower emotional reactions, such as fear, anxiety and anger? 

You need to stop reacting in the same inappropriate way again and again and again! 

  • Maybe the same type of challenges arise again and again in your life. 
  • Maybe you over and over again attract the same kind of people and situations and surroundings, which make your life painful emotionally, mentally and physically. 
  • Maybe people continue to step over your boundaries.
  • Maybe you can’t feel your boundaries? 
  • Maybe you cannot find the right direction in life, or with your partner or your family? 
  • Maybe you feel poor on a mental, an emotional or a physical level! 
  • Maybe you are poor financially and need to get some economic success soon! 
  • Maybe you need to feel like a successful person. 
  • Maybe you don’t now how to change careers. 
  • Maybe you feel like a bad leader at work….maybe you are! 
  • Maybe you dont feel passionate about your partner anymore…maybe you dont love your partner…. 
  • Maybe you dont love yourself anymore, or never have done so! 
  • Maybe you don’t now what true love is. 
  • Maybe your sex life isn’t working.
  • Maybe you cannot feel yourself as a sexual being. 
  • Maybe everything is harmonious and satisfying in your life, but you still can’t feel yourself. You still feel a bit unsatisfied.
  • Maybe you just want to meet your higher self.
  • Maybe you want to integrate yourself into a higher state of consciousness …your higher true self. 

If so, you will immediately love yourself…your higher self… 

Anything is possible,
Believe Me.
What You sense through your 5 physical senses is only the surface …only the beginning of who you really are …. 

Whatever you need to know or to change or to receive, I can help you, and can even help you to become a bigger part of your true being, your intuitive being. 

Wait and see! 
You are very welcome to keep controling what you need to control, or to let go of it all. It’s up to you.
The change is within. 

Start today! 

Watch my short introduction video about counseling

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

- Buddha

Survival of the fittest is only a transition from the reflexive to the instinctive to the intelligent to the intuitive way of being, the true being. Survival of the most conscious.

- Anette Røpke