Fully integrated ESP Health Scanning

Via ESP (extra sensory perception) it is possible to read and the fairly accurate, current and future balances and imbalances both physically / physiologically, emotionally / emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This means that you can get help for current imbalances / illnesses on all levels via, for example, proper physical exercise, diet, dietary supplements, homeopathy and the right mindset. But most important of all is, that it is possible via ESP impressions to prevent imbalances that are latent, so they do not have time to develop on the physical level!

That is an unspeakably great advantage!

Via a well-developed etheric view it is possible to ESP-sense subtle, substantial energies that are not in accordance with the “original energetic structure plan” (read about the English biologist Rubert Sheldrake’s theory of “The Morphic field”) and are not in harmony with the related energetic structures.

Here it is meant, for example, that sometimes a bladder does not relate harmonically-energetically on a subtle, substantial level with another organ, like the kidneys. According to The Millennial Chinese Energy Theory, The 5 Elements, all organs and functions of bodies relate to each other in the most unique and evolutionarily intelligent, albeit complex, way.

Anette has studied The 5 Elements Doctrine for 18 years.

Anette has studied “The 5 Elements Doctrine” for 18 years, and it makes really good sense again and again in relation to the impressions she receives via the ESP senses, “etheric vision”, “astral vision” and “mental vision”, ie. that in day-consciousness with open eyes and connected to the physical sense of sight, one can see these energetic structures as if they were a physical thing/ phenomenon in a given room/ space.

Some types of astral/ emotional clairvoyance are inner experience/ inner impression images. It is another form, a lower form of ESP sensing.

The impressions via an “etheric vision” give access to the etheric body, also called the etheric duplicate, where the physical organs are first created in the fetal stage. Sometimes they later become unbalanced, before they might further develop into physical imbalances/ diseases.

Ethereal imbalances occur first on the mental/ thought plane, then the imbalances are generated on the emotional/ emotional plane to finally generate energetic structural doublets on the etheric plane.

It’s even more expedient to discover the imbalances on the mental level, and change them through an open, conscious, “for my own good” mind, so that one never reaches the stage of becoming physically ill.

The yogis, shamans and Tibetan teachers in, for example, the Dzogchen consciousness-teaching tradition (Tibetan Buddhism) have, in the time I have known of them (27 years), never been physically ill.

The reason is given above.

By the way, the yogis, shamans and Tibetan teachers look 20-40 years younger than they are physically! Impressive!

Much can be done, and infinitely much can be prevented, and on all levels.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Especially the good kind of will and the strong kind of will.

Here’s working on some really good will for your health!