Intuitive Gamma Healing technique

It is now possible to have an ESP reading combined with an Ethereal Intuitive ThetaGammaHealing, or a healing only for animals and humans.
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Anette was born with high ESP and has had Tøgal visions (you can read about the very old Tibetan Buddhist teachings about this, and about the Dzogchen condition, The great perfection.) She has also had intuitive healing abilities since she was five.

Most of the time, she has tried to ignore these especially intuitive healing abilities, so as not to have to take too much responsibility, or to have to deal with the high levels of scepticism among people who comprise most of the population, and who are primarily controlled by rational intelligence. It can be tiring to have to explain that you are totally sane, to a person who already has a presumption that only sanity exists and counts! Someone who has not developed or even disciplined his ESP senses.

The greatest intelligence of all is the Spatial Highly Empathic/Compassionate Intelligence, which empathetically and holistically integrated, holds everything and everyone and does not contain the shadow of fear or therefore, separatism.

Just because we are in different places in our evolutionary development and have repeated, different reactions, emotionally, mentally and physically, and thus behaviorally and in thought and speech, does not mean that some people are worth more than others just because there are most of their type…. or species. That’s a big illusion. There are fewer people with high ESP and even directly intuitive thinking, knowledge and insight, but it is a great quality to have ESP, as it can harmonize and save lives… on all levels !!

We need to protect and take care of people with high ESP, as they are often pioneers. Einstein was an intuitive thinker, as were, for example, Gandhi and Hildegard von Bingen, the latter being the most influential woman in the Middle Ages in several fields. The classic medicinal herbs (of which the synthetic types of medicine are “copies”, especially of various active substances, and it must then be said to count in relation to lives saved… just an ex, and then a female large one ..! ! ..)

Everything can be healed, more or less depending on how many times and with how much fear and anger that the mental thought behind the imbalance is repeated… this is both on an animal and human level!

When a human being achieves some discipline in bringing and especially holding (!!) his brain waves at the Theta brain wave stage, which is the stage, in terms of frequency, that brings a person into contact with his soul consciousness and higher Self, it is possible to heal on the causal plane, which is the only thing that lasts in the long run. A mental block, emotional trauma and physical damage can be changed and modified based on a perception of the original energetic, subtle, substantial, structural plane for a given area and organism function, down to the cellular level.