Your Higher Self, counseling for individuals

My starting point is that you can approach with all types of questions that pertains to your life. Overall, the idea is that you can gain a greater clarification and a deeper understanding of what is causing imbalances in your life, stress, anger and fear and anxiety.
Short introduction

You will get effective help to deal with all the imbalances that limit your quality of life and your real potential, relating to your private or family life, or your job situation. I will also try to find your previous incarnations and relationships that play into your current life situation.

For example, have you known your partner before? Does it feel that way? Do you sometimes feel that you know some people, and even animals, that you know for sure that you have not met before in this life? Do you have challenges with housing and jobs that you are unsure of how to deal with? I’m sure I can help you get clarity on all of this!

My advice takes from 1.5 – 3 hours and the most important things in your life are reviewed. It applies to your physical well-being, your fundamental emotions and your complex feelings. I want to help decode mental and emotional patterns and habits.

Together we will find the contact to Your Higher Self

By using my ESP senses (extra sensory perception), mental and emotional conscious and unconscious patterns will be clarified. It is the contact to this higher level of consciousness that makes it possible to understand everything in a larger context and wholeness.

There is a deeper cause for the things that happen, especially in relation to close relationships. And they are rarely available for the everyday consciousness, but primarily only for the higher consciousness /Universal Soul.

It is my specialty to guide people in finding and activating this level of awareness.

I will consciously work to activate your Higher Consciousness, also called the Higher Self.
Anette Røpke

Through consciously controlled breathing and activation of different brain waves, I will change my normal consciousness (Beta and Alpha brain waves) to higher levels of consciousness (Theta and Gamma brain waves). Through these exercises I will be able to help you find your own Higher Self.

Behind me I have many years of intense study and training in the 7 Meditative Stages. I thus master a strongly conscious, will-controlled mind that can activate and spontaneously switch between the different ESP senses (extra sensory perception).

A holistic review of all our senses

It’s all about improving mental energy, and achieving higher clarity, for your sake. Counseling always starts with an easy and accessible, holistic review of all our senses, so that together we will find the way into your mind.

We will find the contact to Your Higher Self, and through the work on a deeper, emotional level, make the connection that will support you in your personal development, and be able to resolve all external and internal conflicts.

Your Higher Self is just waiting to be activated and integrated into a higher state of consciousness.


1 hourDKK 2,800
1.5 hoursDKK 3,500
2 hoursDKK 3,900

The amounts are incl. VAT

Introduction video

Watch my short introduction video about
ESP Counseling for Individuals.