Your Higher Self, counseling for families

you will be able to gain a greater clarification and a deeper understanding of the imbalances in your family relationship that give stress, anger and fear and maybe even enmity.
Counseling for families

My starting point is that you can contact us with all types of questions
relating to your life together in the family. All families can have challenges in terms of communication, boundaries and expectations. One of the most common challenges among family relationships is whether they are close or not.

It is important in all relationships, blood ties or not, to be aware that everyone is different, with each their own life experiences and life situations, and thus different in their ways of reacting both unconsciously and consciously.

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Being accommodating and open to diversity, both in communication, reciprocity and cooperation, is the core of all good family relationships.
Anette Røpke

No matter what challenges and questions you therefore have in relation to your family, you will receive highly empathic/compassionate and in-depth counseling that will be able to change your view of yourself and thus of each other, and the family’s mutual relations.

It is my experience that all families seeking this type of counseling will discover which contexts at all levels have, or have had, an impact on the family situation.

By diving into causal contexts through new models of consciousness, much will make new sense, so that the motivation, intentions, and possibility of overcoming misunderstandings and blockages will increase.

By being curious about how things are connected on a deeper level of consciousness, by understanding that what you feel, think and say actually has a consequence on all levels, you will get closer to understanding what it’s all about.

Higher level of consciousness

Together we will find the contact to each of your Higher Selves.

By using my ESP abilities (extra sensory perception), mental and emotional, conscious and unconscious patterns will be clarified. It is the contact to this higher level of consciousness that means that everything can be understood in a larger context and wholeness.

Things that happen have a deeper cause, especially in relation to close relationships. And they are rarely available for the everyday consciousness, but primarily only for the higher consciousness /Universal Soul.

It is my specialty to guide people in finding and activating this level of awareness.
Anette Røpke

This gives you the chance to undo old divisions and bad karma, in the hopes of actually finding a whole new cohesion based on your Higher Self/ Universal Consciousness.

Harmonizing and balancing conflicts is highly redemptive

I will therefore consciously work to activate the Higher Consciousness, also called the Higher Self. Through consciously controlled breathing and activation of various brain waves, I will be able to change my normal consciousness (Beta and Alpha brain waves) to higher consciousnesses (Theta and Gamma brain waves). It is through these exercises that I will be able to help you find your own Higher Self.

Behind me I have many years of intense study and training in the 7 Meditative stages. I master a conscious will-controlled mind that can activate and spontaneously switch between the different ESP senses (extra sensory perception), always to improve instinctive mental energy, and higher clairvoyance, for your sake.

Through these exercises I will help you activate and integrate your Higher Self.


1 hourDKK 3,400
1.5 hoursDKK 3,900
2 hoursDKK 4,500

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Counseling for families

Watch my short introduction video about
ESP Counseling for Families.