Your Higher Self is the better version of yourself, your personality is a conditioned version of your supreme free unconditional potential.
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You only become really happy, free, peaceful and satisfied when you acknowledge this and allow Your Higher Self to have more and more space in your life. But there are no shortcuts, and only good outcomes. The road goes via targeted, disciplined strengthening of your body, emotions and mind.

I love supporting people
integrating into a higher state of consciousness

It’s with great humility and gratitude that my life situation after many years and much effort is such that I am now able to support individual people, couples, families, groups of people and larger group dynamics in small and large companies in phasing out inappropriate habits and supporting and developing the appropriate harmonization for the good of all.

Seeing inhibited but hidden social patterns in group dynamics and in the individual is quite amazing, as it creates change on the spot. Seeing the unique talents of each unique person is quite revealing, and leads to the phasing out and elimination of negative patterns.

Every single time there is so infinitely great a joy … and relief for the individual.

The moment you find out who you really are, you are yourself and every time you allow yourself to dwell on it, your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your independence and your contact with your higher self, your unique universal self, your amazing self grows, higher consciousness that can handle everything. Have a good trip, I look forward to meeting you and your Self.

Survival of the Fittest is only a transition from the Instinctive to the Reflexive to the Intelligent to the Intuitive Way of Being, the True Being.
Anette Røpke

The path

– is made easier by intelligently activating and applying your particularly good and particularly strong will. And by actively using your will, your unconditional empathy and your “12 modularized intelligences”.

You have now already read what you are going to. Stay on that path and let yourself be guided by the joy you will find in Your Higher Self.

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